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BUILDING DESCRIPTION A Facility used for the Storage of all Thorium that is Mined Or Looted by the Player. Icon thoriumVault LVL05
EFFECTS OF UPGRADE Upgrade the Thorium Storage to increase overall Thorium Storage Capacity.
REQUIREMENTS Level 3 Command Center
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Stores Thorium. Upgrade to Increase capacity
  — In-Game Description 

General Information Edit

Upgrade Progression Edit

Level Metal Cost Health XP Gain Capacity Requirements
1 240,000 6,000 +1890 30,000 Command Center Lvl 5
2 840,000 7,000 +6,620 80,000
3 2,100,000 9,000 +16,540 180,000
4 4,300,000 11,000 +33,860 480,000
5 8,700,000 13,000 +68,510 980,000

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