The Stryker IFV Transport is a durable and close ranged variant of the Stryker. If it gets destroyed, Force Recon units jump out and help finish the fight at the same level as your Army's Force Recon.
  — In-Game Description 
Target Efficiency
Infantry Light Vehicles Heavy Vehicles Copters Planes
Excellent Good Bad Good Cannot Target
Role Damage Type Speed Range Capacity Equipment Shoot and Move
Support AOE 85 235 125 Blast Deflector Yes
Build Cost Unlock Requirements
Metal Component
1,400,000 None Player Lvl 45
War Factory Lvl 7

General Information Edit

Variant of the Stryker; once killed it spawns 4 AI controlled Force Recon at the same level as the players to fight for them. Once redeemed it starts at the same promotion level as the normal Stryker, and they level up in tandem; promoting one will promote the other at no additional cost. Variants also do not give XP for promoting, though you still get the normal XP for the base unit since they upgrade at the same time

Unit Progression Edit

Level Promote Cost Repair Cost (Oil) DPS Health XP Gain
Metal Thorium Component
1 N/A N/A N/A 600 820 15,000 N/A
2 350,000 N/A x75 Stryker Critical
x100 Light Vehicle Common
648 840 15,600 0
3 650,000 N/A x150 Stryker Critical
x200 Light Vehicle Common
700 884 16,220
4 1,150,000 N/A x200 Stryker Critical
x400 Light Vehicle Common
756 928 16,860 (est)
5 1,850,000 N/A x300 Stryker Critical
x600 Light Vehicle Common
816 976 17,530 (est)
6 2,400,000 21,500 x500 Stryker Critical
x800 Light Vehicle Common
882 1024 18,230 (est)
7 3,500,000 25,000 x750 Stryker Critical
x1000 Light Vehicle Common
952 1076 18,950 (est)
8 4,800,000 30,000 x1000 Stryker Critical
x1500 Light Vehicle Common
1028 1128 19,730
9 6,150,000 35,000 x1500 Stryker Critical
x2000 Light Vehicle Common
1111 1184 20,520
10 7,300,000 40,000 x2000 Stryker Critical
x2500 Light Vehicle Common
1119 1244 21,340 (est)

Equipment Edit

Armored Frame

HP Increase 
Lv1 +5%
Lv2 +10%
Lv3 +15%
Lv4 +20%
Lv5 +25%
Lv6 +30%
Lv7 +35%
Lv8 +40%
Lv9 +45%
Lv10 +50%

External Links Edit

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