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These are single-use items that provide huge benefits when attacking bases. You can call in a contingent of M270’s to bolster your ground forces or order a missile strike to take out a specific target. While viewing a base in Scout mode, tap on the new tab on the right side of the screen, to view all available Strikes.

Name Type Reward Rarity Player Level Units Spawned DPS Per Unit
Artillery Strike Artillery Epic 1 1 3000
Hellfire Strike Artillery Epic 8 1 10000
GBU18 Strike Artillery Epic 28 1 30000
Tomahawk Strike Artillery Epic 28 1 75000
Machine Gunner Strike Unit Rare 4 5 48
S13 Strike Unit Common 1 3 264
Cobra Strike Unit Common 8 3 80
Mortarman Team Strike Unit Common 12 5 462
Rocket Buggy Strike Unit Rare 16 4 476
M270 Strike Unit Rare 21 3 428
Force Recon Strike Unit Common 26 8 160
MAAWS Team Strike Unit Common 32 4 1612
Stryker Strike Unit Rare 44 3 257
GMLRS Strike Unit Rare 38 3 1349

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