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The latest addition to the battlefield, it features the longest range of any infantry unit available.  The Sniper is absolutely devastating against helicopters, making it essential for taking out helicopter Outposts, Strongholds and FOB’s.  Oh, and that sadistic bastard, El Cucuy.

The unit can even outrange certain turrets such as Machine Guns and Railguns.  Their bullets don’t deal a lot of damage to defense platforms, so be sure to bring some Rocket Buggies along as well.

As a defender, The Sniper takes a relatively long time to deploy from the Barracks.  But if they actually mobilize, the would-be invader is going to be in for beating that they won’t soon forget.

The Sniper’s power level increases exponentially after a few promotions, making it an appropriate unit for players at every level.

The Sniper Has Arrived00:52

The Sniper Has Arrived

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