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Start Date February 23, 2017
End Date February 26, 2017
Event Info
Attacking Faction La Muerte
Main Antagonist El Cucuy
Deuteragonist The Commando
Type Alliance-Wide Offensive

Rise of La Muerte is the very first PvE event created for the game. In the event, players must join an alliance and have access to War Zones first in order to participate. After that, your alliance needs to destroy 25 Outposts on certain zone areas with Rise of La Muerte highlighted below their names in order to spawn a La Muerte Stronghold.

The La Muerte Stronghold is a special type of Rogue Faction Bases with huge rewards. Multiple bases can spawn in one zone area each when members of different alliances are hitting Outposts. If you and/or your alliance managed to spawn a Stronghold, it will be easily indicated on the entire region, like when you have your FOBs present. They last for 1 hour after spawning, are indicated by a star with their emblem in front, and use the same layout for every level. Higher level variations have better stats for defensive buildings (Except for Defense Platforms with Flak equipped, they are consistent) with minor changes in their layout.

Outpost prizes are temporarily modified to give out Redeployment Tokens instead of Unit Criticals in Silver and Gold Briefcases. They are used for attacking the same La Muerte Stronghold more than once (i.e. Ran out of time, or all of the player's units are destroyed).

Damage bonus is given to every member of your alliance each time one of them destroys a La Muerte Stronghold successfully. This bonus can be used anywhere, stack up to 30% and last for 2 hours. Subsequent actions will only reset the timer.

La Muerte Stronghold Specifications Edit

Level Metal
No. of Items
3-4 Metal-Icon75,000 700 78 Common
153 Critical
9 Equipment
5-6 Metal-Icon300,000 156 Common
150 Critical
9 Equipment
7-8 Metal-Icon1,350,000 288 Common
96 Critical
12 Equipment

Trivia Edit

  • Mike Glover, an ex-special forces and the owner of Fieldcraft Survival is featured in the event as The Commando.
    • Will Harbin, CEO of KIXEYE, wanted to be more familiar with the military TTPs and asked Mike if he would consider teaming up with them.[1]
  • On the 2nd day of the event, the game developers increased the difficulty of every Stronghold up to the point where it's almost unbeatable. This action led to player complaints and a certain number of them stopped participating the event as of now.

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