Rifleman Unit Spotlight00:29

Rifleman Unit Spotlight

Groups of Riflemen deliver significant damage, even to aircraft. Keep them protected behind tanks and away from area of effect damage rockets and mortar rounds.
  — In-Game Description 
Target Efficiency
Infantry Light Vehicles Heavy Vehicles Copters Planes
Good Bad Good Excellent Excellent
Role Damage Type Speed Range Capacity Equipment Shoot and Move
DPS Sustained 45 220 20 HD-PE Inserts No
Build Cost Unlock Requirements
Resource Component
Metal-Icon1,000 N/A Pre-Unlocked

General Information Edit

Unit Progression Edit

Level Promote Cost Repair Cost
Per Unit
DPS Health XP Gain
Resource Component
1 N/A N/A Oil-Icon26 75 500 N/A
2 Metal-Icon13,000 x1 Rifleman Critical
x1 Infantry Common
Oil-Icon27 81 +5
3 Metal-Icon25,000 x2 Rifleman Critical
x2 Infantry Common
Oil-Icon28 87
4 Metal-Icon45,000 x3 Rifleman Critical
x3 Infantry Common
Oil-Icon28 93
5 Metal-Icon80,000 x5 Rifleman Critical
x5 Infantry Common
Oil-Icon29 100
6 Metal-Icon100,000 x20 Rifleman Critical
x10Infantry Common
Oil-Icon32 106
7 Metal-Icon175,000 x25 Rifleman Critical
x12 Infantry Common
Oil-Icon34 112
8 Metal-Icon250,000 x40Rifleman Critical
x20 Infantry Common
Oil-Icon36 118
9 Metal-Icon350,000 x60 Rifleman Critical
x25 Infantry Common
Oil-Icon38 125
10 Metal-Icon450,000 x80 Rifleman Critical
x35 Infantry Common
Oil-Icon41 131

Role Equipment Edit

Armored Jacket

HP Increase  New HP Total
Lv1 +5% (+25 HP) 525 HP
Lv2 +10% (+50 HP) 550 HP
Lv3 +15% (+75 HP) 575 HP
Lv4 +20% (+100 HP) 600 HP
Lv5 +25% (+125 HP) 625 HP
Lv6 +30% (+150 HP) 650 HP
Lv7 +35% (+175 HP) 675 HP
Lv8 +40% (+200 HP) 700 HP
Lv9 +45% (+225 HP) 725 HP
Lv10 +50% (+250 HP) 750 HP


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