The Global Operations building is where you can unlock and learn more about FOB’s (Forward Operating Bases).  Once you become a level 10 player, you can enter War Zones with your base and begin deploying these FOB’s.  These are smaller bases that function as supports for your main base by either collecting resources, bolstering your defenses or reinforcing your attack.

After you have unlocked an FOB in your Global Operations building, simply tap an unoccupied space next to your main base in a War Zone to view the available options.

The first FOB you should unlock is the Mining Station.  These can be placed on the spaces with blue icons (Metal) and purple icons (Thorium) that will collect resources for you over time.  Mining Station FOBs will benefit you for the entire game so use them as much as possible.

Attack support FOB’s such at the Artillery, can be used to attack enemy targets in range during battle.

Defender FOB’s such as the Bunker can be used to form a defense perimeter around your base and your allies’ bases.

Each FOB has a unique ability so familiarize yourself with all of them.