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  • Just out of curiosity how are you getting the pictures from the game?

    I have a lot of ideas for the wiki I am also an admin on the war Commander wiki

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  • I see you know what your doing on a wiki so....

    I'm going to make you a ADMIN... If you don't like this let me know.

    I set up the front page by really just copying the WCwikia front page ... but I know this is a mobile game so odds are people will be accessing from phones so if you KNOW HOW and need to change it to make it more mobile friendly then go for it.


    I will learn I guess.

    I made Teratorn43906 a Admin also.

    I can not do much on this because my phone is not new enough to download the game lol.

    I will try and help with the design and layout of things but content is all up to you and others ... sorry.

    Feel free to contact me for anything.... I am very, very busy with the WCwikia so I probably wont be checking in to much here, sorry, but I will always be there for what ever I can help with when you ask.

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    • I'm not an expert on wikis for mobile devices either. But while editing you can view it in mobile environment or pc environment. I really believe its mainly the with of the mobile device is narrower so "don't make anything too wide".

      Thanks for the admin privledges. I promise not to abuse.

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    • A FANDOM user
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