aka Teratorn P. Derpstrings

  • I live in Ponyville, Equestria
  • My occupation is Equestrian Pegasus
  • I am A Gaming Brony, Cartoon Enthusiast, shipper of lesbians AND HYPED FOR THE NINTENDO SWITCH.
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  • Hello I just wanted to introduce myself I am one of the admins for war Commander wiki and I just started playing Rouge Assault 

    Troy aka BehindtheEight can vouch for me .

    I would like to contribute to the wiki you can message me at 

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  • Hai Wheat here

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  • SupCom now that was a good game in its early versions. Later it got watered down. How about Total Annihilation, every play that?

    You've built a lot of pages for Rogue Assault but no easy way to navigate to them. I've done some work on wikis before, mind if I help? I typically build a page called TheWizEd_Scratchpad where I experiment with wiki text. Then move the finished page to its own page. If it's okay with you I'd like to try to build the main navigation page from your templates?

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    • I recommend bomb rushing metal through strongholds, especially helicopter/aircraft ones. You know, spamming S-13s.

      Takes 12 hits to finish.

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    • Great job keeping this up, and its coming up really well.

      If possible add a section for player/user as well.

      Specially, knowing how much xp between each user level is a must to properly plan upgrades.

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