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Light Vehicles are the fastest units with decent DPS, but not as much HP as Heavy Vehicles have. They are excellent against Infantry, but Heavy Vehicles can counter them easily. Their anti-air capabilities are pretty bad as 10 S-13s can have a hard time destroying a single Cobra. Whenever one of them is destroyed, they leave behind a debris. AOE vehicles like the S-13 are really powerful for low-mid levels, especially when paired with high HP units like the Abrams M1A1.

Like Heavy Vehicles, their production building is the War Factory.

Unit Role Damage
(Lvl 1)
(Lvl 1)
Speed Range Capacity

XP per Level 

Target Efficiency
Inf Lt Veh Hvy Veh Copt Planes
PK DPS Sus 95 2,400 70 240 50 5 E G B G G
S-13 Sup AOE 204 2,500 70 250 75 10 E G B G CT
Humvee DPS Sus 140 3,600 70 240 50 140 E G B G G
Rocket Buggy Sup AOE 306 3,600 75 250 75 500 E G B G CT
Ontos II DPS Sus 190 4,800 65 235 50 3500 E G B G G
Stryker Sup AOE 440 5,200 60 245 75 7000 E G B G CT

Legend: DPS - Damage/Sec, AOE - Area of Effect, Sus - Sustained, Bur - Burst, Sup - Support, E - Excellent, G - Good, B - Bad, CT - Cannot Target

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