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Helicopters are controllable air units that can ignore any Minefields and anything that can't shoot them, especially Heavy Vehicles, but they are countered by anti-air infantries, Salvo and mostly Flak Gun. They have the highest stats available compared to ground units of all types. Moving them through buildings except for the Barrier can be annoying as they need to move around, not through them. Each one of them spins out of control before exploding when their HP reaches zero.

Their production building is the Helipad.

Unit Role Damage
(Lvl 1)
(Lvl 1)
Speed Range Capacity Target Efficiency
Inf Lt Veh Hvy Veh Copt Planes
Cobra DPS Sus ? 5,100 100 250 100 B G E G G
Hind Tank Bur 429 6,000 75 200 150 B G E CT CT
AH-64E Guardian DPS Sus 1,178 9,800 100 250 100 B G E G G
MI-28 Tank Bur 721 15,000 80 230 150 B G E CT CT

Legend: DPS - Damage/Sec, Sup - Support, AOE - Area of Effect, Sus - Sustained, Bur - Burst, E - Excellent, G - Good, B - Bad, CT - Cannot Target

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