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Heavy Vehicles are slow but have the most HP any ground unit ever has, while the M270 and GMLRS have the longest range, but cannot even outrange the Machine Gun. They are usually slow bullet sponges because of their HP and counter Light Vehicles, but they are completely useless against Helicopters as none of them can target air. Like Light Vehicles, they leave behind a debris when each one of them is destroyed.

Their production building is the War Factory, along with Light Vehicles.

Unit Role Damage
(Lvl 1)
(Lvl 1)
Speed Range Capacity Target Efficiency
Inf Lt Veh Hvy Veh Copt Planes
Rhino Tank Bur 114 50 190 100 G E G CT CT
Abrams M1A1 Tank Bur 243 50 185 G E G CT CT
M270 Launcher Sup AOE 244 6,100 40 340 E G E CT CT
Merkava IVm Tank Bur 500 28,000 50 190 G E G CT CT
GMLRS Sup AOE 505 9,400 40 350 E G E CT CT

Legend: DPS - Damage/Sec, AOE - Area of Effect, Sus - Sustained, Bur - Burst, Sup - Support, E - Excellent, G - Good, B - Bad, CT - Cannot Target

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