Leveling Guide by - Azragaul

RA has a tendencey to push you up very quickly in levels when you upgrade buildings. Level management is extremely important.  Your access to war zones and pvp opponents are determined by player level not infamy. When upgrading buildings its very important to consider if you really need that building upgraded yet. This is especially critical as you get close to war zone level limit caps of 17 and 27 etc. 

As a new player to an alliance you are most helpful with a strong defensive base and all your forward operating bases opened. As you approach level 15 and 25 consider upgrading structures that improve your overall defense.  Once you hit level 15 or 25 the first structure to upgrade is your command center to 4 or 5.  Once that is done upgrade your global operations building to 2 or 3. Now take a look at metal storage you ideally want metal storage maxed out.  Storage will serve you well for most of what comes next. 

Now that this is done, it's time to settle in learn how to get the most metal you can per oil used. Start opening up FOBs. Armor reinforcement and bunkers are the priority. Start upgrading your troops. A level 7 Rhino has as much health as a level 1 Abrahms. You can farm various strongholds for metal and critical cards or look for pvp matches with weak defense and up to 40k in metal. In addition to upgrading troops and opening fobs upgrade turrents. Not the platforms but the turrets themselves. You can upgrade minefields anti infantry or anti tank as well. Max out your army size.  Finally open up defenders in your barracks and war factory and max those out as well.  Everything in the above paragraph I mention because it can be done for very little experience gain. 

You should be able to do all of this before you level past 17. You will be much stronger in the next war zone because of this and will understand how to do it again when you hit level 25.

The following videos also serve as great introductions to many of the basic information you need to know to progress effectively.

Basic Defense Tactics00:58

Basic Defense Tactics

War Zones In-depth Guide05:55

War Zones In-depth Guide

Basic Attack Tactics00:55

Basic Attack Tactics

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