Defenders fobs are forward operating bases that are used on the war map.  They consist of bunkers, infantry, armor and helicopter.  Bunkers do not provide any additional support for your base if you are sitting next to them but they can help with blocking lines of approach on the war zone map.  The other defensive fobs will produce additional units much like a defensive building will.  They come in from the edge of the map based on the general direction the fob was sitting vs your base at the time of the attack.  They will only come in if your base is sitting next to one on the war zone map and they only work if you are attacked on the war zone map.  Sitting next to fobs on the war zone map does not provide extra protection from random pvp attacks.  If you are in an alliance the friendly alliance fobs will protect you just like your own fobs.  

Infantry Reinforcement  Edit

This Forward Operating Base will send additional infantry to defend your bases.

Armor Reinforcement  Edit

This Forward Operating Base will send additional armor to defend your bases.

Chopper Reinforcement  Edit

Helicopter fobs provide the best support. Tanks and infantry are slow and the enemy can avoid them for the entire battle without even engaging them. All fobs are currently too easy when attacked directly. Do not place any that enemy can attack before engaging HQ.

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