Cobra Thumb 16-9

Cobra helicopters can be added to ground platoons and provide constant damage to enemy ground units, especially tanks and support units that can't fire back.
  — In-Game Description 
Target Efficiency
Infantry Light Vehicles Heavy Vehicles Copters Planes
Bad Good Excellent Good Good
Role Damage Type Speed Range Capacity Equipment Shoot and Move
DPS Sustained 100 250 100 Floor Armor Yes
Build Cost Unlock Requirements
Resource Component
Metal-Icon60,000 x20 Cobra Critical Player Lvl 18
Helipad Lvl 1

General Information Edit

Unit Progression Edit

Level Promote Cost Repair Cost
Per Unit
DPS Health XP Gain
Resource Component
1 N/A N/A Oil-Icon272 500 4,000 N/A
2 Metal-Icon55,000 x30 Cobra Critical
x25 Helicopter Common
Oil-Icon310 560 +140
3 Metal-Icon100,000 x60 Cobra Critical
x35 Helicopter Common
Oil-Icon350 630
4 Metal-Icon200,000 x90 Cobra Critical
x50 Helicopter Common
Oil-Icon393 710
5 Metal-Icon375,000 x100 Cobra Critical
x75 Helicopter Common
Oil-Icon439 800
6 Metal-Icon550,000
x125 Cobra Critical
x125 Helicopter Common
Oil-Icon489 900
7 Metal-Icon925,000 Thorium-icon12,250 x150 Cobra Critical
x150 Helicopter Common
Oil-Icon502 1,000
8 Metal-Icon1,400,000 Thorium-icon15,750 x200 Cobra Critical
x200 Helicopter Common
Oil-Icon516 1,160
9 Metal-Icon2,150,000 Thorium-icon20,000 x250 Cobra Critical
x250 Helicopter Common
Oil-Icon528 1,320
10 Metal-Icon2,950,000 Thorium-icon24,250 x300 Cobra Critical
x300 Helicopter Common
Oil-Icon541 1,510

Equipment Edit

Name Floor Armor

HP Increase  New HP Total
Lv1 +5% (+200 HP) 4,200 HP
Lv2 +10% (+400 HP) 4,400 HP
Lv3 +15% (+600 HP) 4,600 HP
Lv4 +20% (+800 HP) 4,800 HP
Lv5 +25% (+1,000 HP) 5,000 HP
Lv6 +30% (+1,200 HP) 5,200 HP
Lv7 +35% (+1,400 HP) 5,400 HP
Lv8 +40% (+1,600 HP) 5,600 HP
Lv9 +45% (+1,800 HP) 5,800 HP
Lv10 +50% (+2,000 HP) 6,000 HP

External Links Edit

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