Produces and houses Fixed-Wing Aircraft. Upgrade to increase air force capacity and access higher level units.
  — In-Game Description 

General Information Edit

The Airfield's description is misleading as the air force capacity does not increase when you upgrade it. It functions the same as the Barracks, War Factory, and Helipad, but it cannot defend your base from attacks.

Upgrade Progression Edit

Level Cost Health Units Unlocked XP Gain Requirements
1 Metal-Icon86,000 2,250 Reaper +610 Command Center Lvl 3
2 Metal-Icon200,000 3,125 - +1,420 Command Center Lvl 4
3 Metal-Icon570,000 4,000 Thunderbolt +4,100 Command Center Lvl 5
4 Metal-Icon1,300,000 5,500 - +9,300 Command Center Lvl 6
5 Metal-Icon2,700,000 7,000 Raptor +21,300 Command Center Lvl 7
6 Metal-Icon5,600,000 9,000 - +44,100 Command Center Lvl 8

Visual Progression Edit

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
BldgMenu-Pic-AirField Airfield 2 Airfield 3
Level 5 Level 6

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